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2018 LPBC Camp Sessions

                   April  21    Spring Banquet:  11:30 am @ Rolla Church of Christ
                   May     5            Work Day
                   May 18-20    Centralia Youth - Willie Horton
Session 1:  May 29-June 1  Day Camp
(Ages 5-2nd Grade- Must be 5 by 8/1)
Session 2:  June 3-8    Combined Week (Grades 5-12) Director: Kenny Light
Session 3:  June 10-15   Junior Week (Grades 6-8) Director: Mark White
Session 4:  June 17-22   Primary Week (Grades 3-5) Director: Tim Gill
Session 5:
July 1-6  2nd Combined Week (Grades 5-12) Director- Logan Stark

                   July 8-14  St. Louis Group - Matt Stewart
                   July 14     Fabulous Fakes - At the Barn Entertainment Hall at Dixon
Session 6:  Jul 22 - 28    Senior Week (Grades 9-12) Director:  Dub Erisman
                   Jul.29 - Aug. 4  Crossings Church of Christ (Teen Week)
                   Aug. 10-13   Crossings church of Christ College Weekend
                   Aug. 24-26   Bass Family reunion
                   Sept. 7-9    High School Retreat - Dub Erisman
                   Sept. 22-23   Iberia - Terry & Evelyn Tabor
                   Oct. 6           Annual Meeting
                   Oct. 11-14     West End Church of Christ - St. Charles Home School Group
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Senior Week:  Campers must have finished the 8th grade.
Combined Week:  Campers must have finished the 4th grade.
Day Camp:  Special instructions will be mailed to you when we receive your application.