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Each Christian in central Missouri is encouraged to become a member of LPBC.  This type of support will help to provide a strong Christian camp for our young people each summer.  The benefits of Christian camping go far behond having a good time for a week each summer, even though having fun is extremely important.

Membership in LPBC, which is open to any Christian in good standing in the Church of Christ, helps support the camp and entitles the member to have voice in how the camp is run and what facilities are built.

There are two types of membership available:

Annual Membership:   $30 dues per year
Lifetime Membership: $150 initially and $10 dues per year.

An Annual Member pays $30 to be an active member from one October to the next.  A Lifetime Member pays $10 per year to stay an active member.  Initially, Charter Members paid $150 and then pay $10 per year.  Only active members have voting rights at the annual meeting of the membership and are eligible to serve on the Board of Directors.

A membership in LPBC includes the immediate family.  All members have equal voting rights and privileges.  

If you would like to be a member of LPBC, please make your check payable to LPBC and send to:

P.O. Box 251
Rolla, MO  65401