All about LPBC


LPBC is a non-profit corporation composed of Christians who are interested in spiritual growth through Christian camping.  Located five miles northeast of Rolla, Missouri, LPBC is an area-wide Christian Camp which is available for use by all Christians in central Missouri.  Although membership in LPBC is not a requirement in order to use the camp, membership helps support the Camp and entitles the member to have a voice in how the Camp is run and what facilities will be built.

LPBC is not under the oversight of any specific congregation of the Church of Christ, but rather is governed by a board of 12 Directors who are elected in two year terms by the members of LPBC.  Election of officers and voting on other members of LPBC.  Election of officers and voting on other motions which affect LPBC is done at the annual meeting of the membership of LPBC on the first Saturday in October.



The primary and narrowed purpose of LPBC is to influence others for Christ and to draw everyone who goes there closer to Jesus and to each other.  This is accomplished through Bible study, devotionals, worshipping together, singing, praying, and eating together.  

The camp exists to provide a retreat for young and old alike;  a place to reflect and "get it all together" so all can go forth to win souls and live for Christ.  The Board of LPBC recognizes that Christian camping is conducive to Christian growth.  With this in mind, plans were made in the very beginning to use LPBC for summer camp for young people, as well as for all kinds of workshops, retreats, training, sessions, planning sessions devotionals, youth forums, and camping.



In 1969, a Christian family gave 60 acres of land to a non-profit corporation for the purpose of building a Christian camp.  Little was done with the land and the abandoned farm house for three years.  Then, plans gave way to action:  6,000 pine trees were planted, then 3,000 more, and finally, an additional 40,000, for a total of 49,000 pine trees.  The old farm house was totally remodeled for use as a Director's quarters, canteen, arts and crafts, and for meal preparation.  The old barn was torn down and the lumber used to build four cabins with 10 beds each.  A bath house, large (60x24) swimming pool, baseball diamond, water fountains and a complete water and sewer system followed. Almost everything has been done with volunteer labor.  A fifth cabin was then built by Christians from Jadwin and Salem.

In 1979 approximately 30 members pledged money each year for 8 years to fund the construction of a 60x120 foot block and brick multi-purpose building.  With God's blessings, the building was completed in 1980 and was completely paid for by the end of 1986 as scheduled.  The building consists of a completely modern kitchen, cooks quarters, a large fireplace, and plenty of room for basketball, volleyball, ping pong, and other inside games.  The old bathhouse/director's quarters was torn down in 1993 and a new modern facility was constructed in 1994 at a cost of about $37,000 for materials.  Many thanks go to those who have sacrificed so much of their time and money to the success of LPBC.  

The camp has been operating summer Bible Camp sessions since 1974.  Many young people have become Christians at LPBC and everyone who has been there has been drawn closer to God through their association with each other and their involvment in the activities at camp.